氟素丙烯酸酯單體 Perfluorohexylethyl Acrylate

Features:water/oil repellent, low surface energy, low refractive index, low Dk/Df
Applications:paint, specialty resin, anti-fouling coating

  • C6FA-BK為反應性單官能基氟素丙烯酸酯單體 (perfluorohexylethyl acrylate, CAS Number:17527-29-6),可作為含氟高分子聚合物的合成原料或是特殊添加劑 。可應用於特殊高規格防汙、耐候性塗料,亦可應用於各種領域的撥水撥油劑, 如電子產品、紡織皮革處理等領域。
    C6FA-BK is fluorinated acrylic monomer (perfluorohexylethyl acrylate, CAS Number:17527-29-6), is widely used as a raw material for fluoropolymer, also can be used as additive. In the application of coating, such as paint for outdoor, it can provide good anti-fouling and excellent weather resistance. Moreover, water/oil repellent is also widely known as its other application, can be applied to various fields, such as electronic, textile, leather treatment etc..